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Founder's message

Every day when I think about the lives of Poor children and Education in General, I feel that I have to do something that could help these Children who are not able to get basic education. Read more

Peace and hope initiative

Despite a major reduction of poverty since our parents not allowed to go to school due to Genocide discrimination in Rwanda, more than 63% of Rwandans in general continue to live below the poverty line, with rural populations especially suffering. Poverty affects a large majority of Rwandan children, having serious effects on their access to nutritious food, education, health services, etc. Social protection programs that directly work with and benefit the poor are offered by the government and non-governmental organizations.

To nurture the children of Rwanda by providing physical sustenance and shelter, 

Peace and Hope initiative Organization envisions  in Rwanda 

We fight extreme poverty by improving education in our Community: 

Nursery school 
– Nutrition services 
– Hygiene, water sanitation services 
– Health care and counselling 

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