Street and labor children

Street children are exposed to numerous risks, including sexual and economic exploitation, health problems, malnutrition, etc. Many are uneducated or under educated, meaning that they have little chance of finding the sort of employment that will enable them to escape the streets. To number themselves to the reality of their wretched lives, street children often spend the little money they earn on drugs and alcohol. Cannabis, alcohol, and petroleum fumes are often abused. The conditions of their existence are such that the impact on their development is it physical, psychological, cultural or economic is invariably negative.

Labor Children

Rwanda Has approved all keyinternational conventions concerning child labor. Despite governmentefforts to eliminate child labor, there continues to be a high rateof child labor in the poor communities with high number of childrenworking. The minimum age for work in the nation is 18 however, withhigh poverty rates found in the poor communities, families facingeconomic difficulties may be forced to have their children to work.These children often receive little education, low pay and arevulnerable to discriminate and young girls getting unwantedpregnancies. There have been instances of children being traffickedfor domestic services, agriculture labor and sexual exploitation.Girls and some boys are exploited in domestic service throughextended families Networks. Child labor has been also found in thedeprived families.