1.KURANEZA Early Childhood Development  : Early childhood, the period from birth to six years, is a significant and unique time in the life of every individual. Every child needs and has the right to positive experiences in early childhood. As with every other phase in life, positive supports and adequate resources are necessary to make the most of this period. Provision of such supports and resources should not be conditional on the expectations of the economy, society or other interests.
 2. Peace and Hope Academy ( Nursery and primary School ) : 1. Pre-school programs 
– Nursery school 
– Nutrition services 
– Hygiene, water sanitation services 
– Health care and counselling 

3. Community programs 
– Door to door Awareness campaign  
– Community training on ECD programs (focusing on nutrition, health care, hygiene and sanitation)
– Community Mother Leaders 

4. Supporting and advocating single and younger mothers economic empowerment  initiatives 
5. Expanding and improving Kuraneza – Early Childhood Development centre’ infrastructure


To make the project sustainable in the long-run, there will be admission of children whose parents can afford to pay fees for their kids attending the Kuraneza nursery school and benefit from the ECD services provided (self-sponsorship). This is intented to  subsidise the attendance of vulnerable kids and orphans who will still be catered for despite not being able to afford pre-primary school education. 
The project is among a few projects that provides this kind of program in vulnerable community with many child-headed households. The existing schools in the country lack initiatives to help such people living with vulnerability, HIV/AIDS and orphans.
[10:30, 12/17/2018] Aneed Of Web: meaning of KURANEZA ( Kuraneza is Kinyarwanda for good physical, social, and cognitive growth)