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Peace and Hope Academy Run by a dynamic community leader and genocide survivor, Albert, and intended to help local kids have access to better educational opportunities, Kinyinya’s Peace and Hope Nursery School needed help with improving and expanding the physical infrastructure of the school in order to accommodate more students.

TFS stepped in to help with the creation of a new classroom for nursery students, building it from scratch into a bright, welcoming, and fun place for the kids to learn. TFS also faciliated the donation of a solar drinking water filtration system for the school and wider community. more details visit “ https://www.toolsforschools.org/kinyinya-school/ “

Elvira K. Rwasamanzi joined our team in 2016 as our Canada’s representative.

Elvira K. Rwasamanzi  : Education and Outreach Coordinator or Manager in Canada

Mrs.Rwasamanzi aims to empower children, their families and communities to helpbreak the cycle of poverty. She has a bachelor in Biotechnology and currentlyresides in Montreal, Canada, where she is achieving her Master in BusinessAdministration. Mrs. Among P&HI different programs, Mrs. Rwasamanzi choseto be committed to the Kuraneza Early Childhood Center project and her mainobjective is to:

Implement substantial projects mainly in Canada toraise fund for the building of the preschool Kuraneza ECD for disadvantagedchildren

 Since her debut with P&HI, she held a successful fundraising in Montreal, Canada, in March 2017 which allowed us to get the school gates and carrying out some required finishes on the building site. Furthermore in January 2018, she raised funds for some school furniture and mobilised a group of young volunteers Canadian to help with the finishing of two classes.

Mrs. Rwasamanzi is dedicated to promote and support Peace and Hope Initiative to the best of her ability.

Elvira K. Rwasamanzi

Canada Outreach Manager

Peace & Hope Initiative


Tel: +1 514-224-3549

Jithu family

Jithu family is sponsoring 2 children at Peace and Hope Academy who was growing up in poverty, the kids facing tough challenges like hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services. He is Businessman in ing Kigali Rwanda .