Right to education.

According to statistics for World Economic Forum there are two overarching Challenges. Firstly Access to Education. Globally there are still 67 million children out of school, 43% of who live in Africa. Many of these Children live in conflict areas or fragile states and many more live in Rural Areas. Every year 10 Million children drop out of Primary school in Sub Saharan Africa. There are a multitude of reasons to explain why these Children are not in schools. Lack of facilities, Culture, the need to be in employment and so on but sometimes simple measures can make a huge difference. We started by protecting them especially young Girls who are getting unwanted pregnancies. The enrolment of children in pre- school is still low does make them to go to child labor, the ability to read and write is very low, this increase school dropout while young girls get pregnancies at young age.

The situation is worse in mostvulnerable families the parents don’t care about Education. Ourgoal is to support the children who are not able getting allnecessary to access Education from Pre-school and on wards. It is inthis regards we created “Peace and HopeAcademy (Early Childhood Development center, Nursery and PrimarySchool). Children at School vs Children not at school : our goal isto bring more children at the school .